Sunday, 22 September 2013

Spring Fashion

For my Aussie readers you are well aware that Spring has hit our shores and the weather is finally starting to warm up! We can pack away the big jackets, hoodies and beanies and finally get some serious Vitamin D in the sunshine!

To celebrate the start of the Sunny weather I thought I'd share some of my Spring fashion must-haves I'll be wearing over the next few months.

I am a massive fan of the jeans, tee and a scarf look. Although the weather is warming up, we still have our chilly days so it's not really time to whip the shorts just yet. Therefore this combo is perfect for the fresh Spring weather. I love scarves as well, I think they add so much for an outfit (the chunkier and longer the better) and give it a cool boho sort of look. 

 Now that the sun is out, it's important to protect your eyes and if that means you get to look awesome while you do it, then that's an added bonus. My boyfriend and I have a mild (not so mild) obsession with sunglasses. My kitchen bench is literally lined with them, in all different shapes and colours. Therefore it makes sense that sunglasses are my MASSIVE Spring must have!

Now I know these next ones are part of a great debate on whether or not they actually look good or not. But I think they are awesome and therefore any negative Genie pant vibes are not welcome on this blog. Jeanie pants are not only super comfy, they are a really easy, breezy look for Spring. (Plus they ARE awesome, don't listen to those anti-genie pant party poopers...they are crazy!)

Printed leggings are the bomb diggity! I love the Australian brand Black Milk. They are so clever with all the different designs of leggings they constantly churn out! I am a massive legging wearing person because I love that you can be extremely comfy, yet colourful all at the same time. Also...If anyone wants to send me all of the Harry Potter Black Milk leggings... I would not be opposed to that...

Jelllllliiieeeeesssssss!!!! Yes these are the Jellies we used to wear when we were kids and yes they are back... in adult form! I literally grew up in these shoes and the fact that you can get them now in big sizes makes me feel slightly giddy! You can grab a range of different colours from black and white, pink...and neon pink. Not only that but they have glitter Jellies...I'll give you all a moment to digest that amazing news...

I hope you all enjoyed some of my favourite Spring must-haves and stay tuned for some Halloween vlogging coming in the new few weeks. Now about the Harry Potter leggings...

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