Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Four things I love about Halloween...

Ever since I was a kid I have LOVED Halloween. In Australia when I was growing up, Halloween wasn't really a big deal, but I didn't care. Every year I would dress up with my friends and wander the streets trick or treating. My parents had to go stock up the neighbours with candy and warn them that creepy vampires and ghosts would be wandering the streets in search of treats (my Dad was always the one to give us a trick instead...He was THAT Dad).

As I grow older I still love to celebrate Halloween. It's getting a lot bigger here in Australia now so everywhere to go you find more and more spooky decorations, crazy costumes and haunted Halloween houses through the streets. Since Halloween is creeping up nice and fast I thought it was the perfect time to share the top 4 reasons why I love this spooky holiday...

1. Trick or treating
I remember counting down the days till Halloween because it meant I got to go Trick or Treating. It was the most exciting thing because it meant not only did I get to dress up in a scary costume, but it meant I was allowed to go around with my friends WITHOUT adults...I felt so hardcore. I remember going up to each house and all of us excitedly wondering if this house knew it was Halloween and how much will they give us? The rest of the night would be spent is a sugar crazed state giggling like crazy people until we pass out in a post-Halloween coma. Now that I've grown up (in body not in mind) my trick or treating is a little different. I would look ridiculous trick or treating now and probably wouldn't get a very enthusiastic response if i did, but I have a little brother and sister who are the perfect age for it. So I can now use them as my excuse to go on a trick or treating adventure every year. Not only that but I have learnt that being the responsible adult who is escorting the little kiddies gets alot of sympathy candy given to them from the houses they visit! Serious gold mine!!

Last years Trick or Treating posse...

2. Pumpkin carving
I love making Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween! When done properly you can make some seriously cool Pumpkin Faces and they make the Halloween experience that little bit more Halloween... Last year my boyfriend and I had a pumpkin carving competition. Our first hurdle was finding the pumpkin, leaving it the day before Halloween is NOT a good idea, therefore 3 supermarkets later we got the last two in what seemed like the entire world!! After finding our own pumpkin face designs (google it, you will find a whole bunch of awesome faces to choose from) we were off! Now we didn't have the right carving knives, so after alot of swearing, pumpkin guts and sore arm muscles we finally got our Pumpkins ready. It's such a fun activity to do for children of all ages and when you get those candles in them and turn off the lights they look unreal!!

The pumpkin guts part of the carving competition...

The end result.

3. Scary Movies
For some reason my boyfriend and I have this weird love of movies that absolutely scare the sh*t out of us! Although I love watching scary movies, I do go on a weird roller coaster of emotions when watching them. At first I'm excited an the level of fear I'll befeeling. I then I start getting all freaked out by everything going on (I usually start eye balling every shadow in the room at this point). The irrational stress is next with me yelling at whoever I'm with, abusing them for "making" me watch this movie. I will then rotate from weird, high pitched laughter to hiding under a blanket. The end result is usually "that's a stupid ending...wait I need to pee can you stand outside the door?".


4. Dressing Up
I'm one of those people that will go to every kind of themed party there is and plan what I'm going to wear months in advance. I think dressing up is so much fun, you can be so creative and crazy and to be honest I'm the person who (kinda/sorta) judges the people who don't get involved (joke...I don't judge.  So obviously Halloween provides me with a perfect excuse to hunt down a new costume idea. This year I'm lucky enough to have a Halloween ball I have been invited too, so I've been brainstorming ideas for ages (still haven't got one, suggestions are welcome and wanted!). I also am going trick or treating again with my brother and sister, then heading off to a Halloween party that night. So watch this space for all my outfits I finally decide on. FYI I am the most indecisive person in the world so choosing ANYTHING is difficult at the best of times let alone Halloween time.

My boyfriend and I on our way to a Zombie party for Halloween...

Another from the Zombie party, this blood ended up EVERYWHERE! cat for Halloween

Who said Giraffes never come out to play?

Even doggies like to get dressed up for Halloween. This is my little lady Rosie all ready for scary movies last year.

So there you go. Four of my favourite part of Halloween. As we get closer and closer to the day I'll also be putting up a video of me getting ready for the Halloween ball, getting my costume and make up all spookified, vlogs of all the Halloween shopping for my house and costumes and I'll also take you along with my on all my Halloween adventures on the night and events leading up to the day! So stay tuned!

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