Thursday, 2 February 2017

DIY Coffee Scrub

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today is a little bit different from the usual "Friday Five" that I do, because I wanted to share one of my latest DIY projects. I am all about natural products, as I have mentioned about 400 times, but I know sometimes they can be overpriced, especially if it is a 'fad' product (e.g coconut oil hair mask, charcoal face mask etc).

I am a serial fake tanner, I absolute hate being white because I feel like I need to be injected with 2 litres of blood. Whenever I have a fake tan, I feel so much more summery and confident, plus it's a much safer way than toasting my skin under the sun. In order to have a really nice, even fake tan that doesn't have blotches that make you look like a giraffe, you need to give your skin a good scrub and exfoliate. Enter my latest DIY job. Coffee scrubs... they are every where and so damn expensive. But they don't have to be. I made my own and oh mannnnn does it smell good!! Like a delicious cappuccino, with extra yumminess! Not to mention, it's so easy... like fool proof easy. I have a lot of blonde moments and tend to be abit uncoordinated, but I managed to do this and it worked out perfectly.

So here is what you need:
  • 1.5 Cups of Epsom Salt
  • 3/4 cup ground coffee
  • 3/4 cup melted coconut oil (try to get a nice brand if you can, one that isn't processed)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract.
So what you do is grab a nice jar (I grabbed this one for $2 at Kmart), whack all your ingredients in and stir stir stir. Then sniff... it smells AMAZING. Plus, it feels so nice when you have a shower and really gets off all that excess tan and dead skin you have on your body!

If you like these DIY kind of posts, let me know because I have a stack of things I want to try out and would love to share.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My beauty wish list.

So if I could, I would spent a disgusting amount of money on make-up. I would. There is no denying it. I have a list on my phone of all these make-up products I have heard about, that I NEED in my life or else my life would just cease to move forward. I could also just freestyle it and go into a Mecca shop and spend what you some would spend on a private jet and not bat an eyelid.

But you need lots of money to do that. And I need to feed my child... and husband... and live in a house. With my dog. Who needs food too. So... for now at least I don't see this happening.

But IF I were to suddenly have the ability to go into Mecca or Sephora and be given a endless credit card, here is what I would get:

Mac lipsticks - Honey love, Velvet Teddy and Blankety. 
I can't help myself when it comes to Mac Cosmetics AND nude lipsticks. How many shades of nude do you need? I don't care, ALOT! Now I do understand these lipsticks are all VERY similar, like, too similar. But I have problems and I'll address them one day, but for now, give me the damn lipsticks. If I had to choose one out of the three, it would probably be 'Blankety', just because I like the lighter pink tone and it's bit more creamy... but I'll happily accept all of them.
( From right to left - 'Honey Love', 'Blankety', 'Velvet Teddy')

Milani Baked Blush - Luminoso
I found out about Milani cosmetics last year after watching some random Make-up tutorial on Youtube. I hadn't really heard much about them till then, I was in need of a new bronzer, so I got one of their baked bronzers and it is one of my most favourite products. It is just so beautiful and has an awesome shimmer, so it's almost like a bronzer and highlight combine. I was having a looks on their site and I saw all their baked blushes and mannnnn...they are so nice. One that sticks out for me the most is 'Luminoso". It's this beautiful peachy shade, that I think would look amazing if you were rocking a tan. So its on my list. I should get on to that, it's a good Summer shade and Summer is nearing an end over here. Always take my damn time...
(So purdddy)

Essie - Sandtropez
If it isn't nude lipsticks, it's nude nail polish. I am starting to sound like the blandest person alive. I swear I love colour, really bright ones with sparkles. But I do really like nude nail polish. You can't really go wrong with Essie can you? It's a really nice, creamy, nudey beige. I like it. The only problem I'm having, is bloody finding this shade. Do they not sell it in Australia? I'll have to do some deep investigations. 

Modelco - Lashxtend Mascara.
Now Modelco is a brand that I am pretty sure I have used before, but it may have been in the days when I didn't care about make-up that much. Where now, I'm a lot more interested. I have been on the hunt for a good mascara. I have found a couple, but nothing that really makes me overly excited. Rumour has it, that this mascara is pretty awesome. It's meant to give your lashes that "falsie" feel, but obviously without the effort. Also, the price is pretty good and you can find it in most Supermarkets... scratch that... From what I've seen its a Woolworths thing. I could be wrong... But this mascara will probably be the next I try out. So stay tuned.
Chi Chi Baked Eyeshadow - 'Beautiful Day'
I don't know why, but nearly every product I mention is very neutral/natural/not very colourful today. It's honestly a coincidence, but to be honest, I do love the natural, beachy look so I tend to gravitate towards those kind of shades. But anyway, this eye shadow looks like it'd be a really simple shade to use just for day to day make-up. You know the days where you don't want to put in much effort but you want to feel nice. You know? Those ones. Again, I am having trouble tracking this one down. But I will persevere. I might just resort to buying online, although I do like to see things before I buy them... I'll live on the edge and take a gamble. 
Mecca Cosmetica- Enlightened Illuminating balm
I think I have talked about this product before, but it's still on my "want" list so I had to talk about it! I absolutely love a dewy make-up look. To me it makes me feel like I have woken up after the perfect sleep, after spending the day frolicking on the beach and look a million bucks. I know some people prefer a matte look, but to me dewy is the way to go. I heard about this product and how you just apply small amounts to your forehead, cheeks, nose and just above your lip and it looks amazing! Cannot wait to grab one for myself to try out!
Malin + Goetz - Lip moisturiser
When I was going through my super dry lips stage, I was reading reviews about different lip products out there and this one kept popping up. I ended up going with the 'Lanolips' lip balm but this one is meant to be awesome because of it's super hydration and revival of your lips.  I think you can pick it up at most Mecca shops so I think this will be next on my list. 

I think that should do for now. I was just looking at the Mecca website and I feel like I could go on for hours. So I'm going to go and buy them all in my imaginary shopping land. If you have tried any of these products I'd love to know what you think. So drop me a line over on Twitter or Instagram... or Facebook, I don't want to make any platforms feel left out.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Things I've learn since becoming a Mum...

Becoming a Mum has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my life. Literally from thinking about having a baby, through pregnancy, child birth and now having the little gremlin in my life, I learnt something new everyday. My brain, bless it's cotton socks, gets tired from all the new information, majority is totally useless, but it's tired and full...well maybe not full, but there is definitely a notification popping up saying that "Your storage is nearly full", just like my phone, which holds about 4000 photos of my baby and Norman, my dog.

(Adorable aren't they? Watch out though, they are dodgy...)

Today, I thought I would share my new found 'Mum Knowledge', because you may be a new Mum, soon-to-be Mum, long-time Mum or just procrastinating at work and stumbled upon this, either way I have your attention and you WILL learn/agree/disagree/think I've lost my marbles.

1. Miss Rabbit and Nanny Plum are the same person. I think there may also be a few other cross contaminations between 'Peppa Pig' and 'Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom'... I watch them about 200 times a day so I'll get back to you!
2. Getting pregnant is a miracle. I watched this documentary about how sperm travels to the egg in order to make the little bubba (if you heard about some kind of stalk, meet me after class and we will have a little chat), the female body literally hates the sperm. It is like some kind of 'Hunger Games' maze for the poor little sperm troopers to make their way through. The body tries to destroy it at every corner. Typical woman hey? Always difficult (I can say that because I am a woman). The sperm that makes it really is an absolute champion and what I have learnt is this, if you have had a few attempts at getting pregnant, be patient, it is a war zone in there and those little soldiers are doing their best!

3. If you need a super stealthy spy, hire a Mum. Seriously, there is no one on this planet who can slip in and out of a room with ninja like precision and remain undetected, like a Mother of a sleeping baby can. I know every creak of her door, every noisy spot in her room, how to dislocate my shoulder and break my back in 4 places to reach a dirty bib that's fallen behind the rocking chair. I can hold my breathe for up to 20 minutes if needs be, because if my breathing wakes my child, well... hell hath no fury like a Mum who hasn't had 10 minutes to sit in silence.  Tom Cruise, you have no idea, a Mum doesn't need to catch her sweat, because she can mentally switch off her sweat glands to avoid any spluttering noises. A Mum also has the ability to detect danger within a 5 mile radius, like if someone down the street coughed too loudly, they will be exterminated on the spot (like I said... "hall hath no fury...").

4. The human body is an amazing machine. When I was pregnant, I was constantly amazed at how my body worked in order to grow a child and then look after it once they were born. For example, a woman will get a heightened sense of smell, which is meant to help her avoid foods that she shouldn't eat, you literally grow a new organ (the placenta) in order to help your baby grow, your body releases a hormone which causes you to become more stretchy in order to help your body grow to fit the baby and then squeeze it out of you. But the biggest thing of all, you are literally growing a human being inside you. That blows my mind! I watched this video a few months ago and about a baby growing from a tiny egg, all the way till birth and it seriously just amazed me. Take a look...

5. Being a parent is like multi-tasking bootcamp. Back in my pre-baby days, I would stumble through life, taking my time with the washing, the dishes, just general day to day activities. Then baby life happened. For those of you who are unaware, the average sleep cycle of a newborn baby is 40 minutes. After that they could go back to sleep...or they don't. Therefore you have 40 minutes to do EVERYTHING that needs to get done, or it doesn't happen. So you don't waste time, you don't do unnesscary jobs like sort out your DVD's in alphabetical order, or breathe. You get shit done. Quickly! I now have the ability to sort out the main priority jobs through to the "I can do them tomorrow" jobs and get them done, whilst making various small human meals, entertaining a puppy and drinking a (strong) coffee all at once. 

6. You say your baby will fit into your schedule, but that's what people with no kids say. Paddy and I said that, a lot! But then Poppy was born and the thought of her missing a nap or getting out of her routine is a torture worse than back to back episodes of, 'Two broke girls'. So not worth the stress/drama/meltdowns. I say it's more beneficial to and a compromise where you can meet half way (really it's more towards their way but you can kinda see the middle, so you feel like it's even). Happy baby, happy life!

7. You don't need to buy them toys, just give them a empty container and your car keys. I buy Poppy these adorable toys, imagining how much fun we will have together, but then the box it came in seems to be the real winner. Or a receipt she pulled out of my bag. Or my phone with all it's flashing lights and the thrill of knowing she isn't allowed it. Or a spatula. Why do I waste my money? Is it more for the inner child in me that secretly wants to play with the tiny blender that sings? Possibly. To be honest, if I could be entertained for a good 20 minutes playing with a piece of paper and a pair on sunglasses, life would be much more simple wouldn't it?

8. Apparently there are still commercial songs playing on the radio, but I wouldn't know. The only songs I ever have stuck in my head are, 'Who's in the Wiggle house?', 'Hey Duggee' and 'The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'. Even in the car when you think you can catch a break, no, you MUST play the god damn Wiggles or else the screams...oh how they pierce your brain. So, Lachy and Emma're up.

9. You like your personal space, but you'll learn to live with without it. I have a 1 year old puppy with serious personal space issues, but now I have a crawling baby who feels the need to sit inside my ribcage. So unless I crawl up on the kitchen bench and hope for the best, I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

10. Your food is to be eaten quickly, or it won't be eaten by you at all. You know how wild animals eat their prey quickly and efficiently to ensure no other wild beasts steal it from them? This is basically a day to day event in our house. It's like "Yeah, I did just eat my own meal of delicious baby cereal and mushed up banana, but you are eating toast... and I haven't had toast today... so... give it!". You eat fast, you eat quickly, or the wolves will find you... and they WILL win.

Parent life. It's a funny thing...

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Friday Five - Flashback to the Nineties

Happy Friday Everyone!

Say it with me - 'Lipsmackers', 'Tamagotchis', 'Rugrats'. As a child of the Nineties, I am one of those people that believe that everything was better during that time, the music, the toys, the TV shows, the fact that children had the ability to play outside for hours and not in front of a screen. In fact, the 90's were SO good, that people freaked out that the world was going to end when it turned to the year 2000... Bet you guys felt stupid that morning hey?

I thought today I would pay respect to the amazingness that is the 90's and dedicate the Friday Five to all things double denim, scrunchies and butterfly clips.

1. The Babysitters Club.

Yep, I'm starting with a BANG. If you were a girl, growing up in the 90's, SURELY you read 'The Babysitters Club' books. I was OBSESSED with these and would read these books till the pages bled (not really... they have no blood supply and therefore no actual ability to seep blood). I was definitely Team Kristy, but I did love Stacey and Dawn, I'd say they were an equal second place. I actually saw a t-shirt about 'The Babysitters club" today, which sparked my 90's enthusiasm. Did anyone read the little sister books... what was her name... it was Kristy's stepsister... let me google... KAREN! Yes! I loved these as well!!
(I need this t-shirt in my life. If anyone knows where I can find it, give me a holla!)

2. The Macarena. 
Who doesn't love a good dance song? And When I say dance, I don't mean like house music, I mean like a song where EVERYONE knew the dance moves. Like, 'The Macarena', 'The Ketchup song', 'The Nutbush', '5,6,7,8' (Steps... yeah remember Steps?). I feel like these songs don't happen anymore and I used to be ALLLLL about them! I still know the dance moves and I'm totally not even ashamed!

3. The Movies.
Now, novies these days ARE amazing, I'm not taking anything away from them... I mean we have Tom hardy now for god sake... BUT there is nothing quite like a good 90's movie. So many classics came from that time period - 'Clueless', 'Titanic', 'Jurassic Park', 'Home Alone', 'Pulp Fiction', 'Forest Gump', The Lion King', '10 things I hate about you', 'Fight Club', 'Toy Story', 'Saving Private Ryan', "The Sixth Sense'... seriously I could go on and on and on. All iconic, and I am preeeeetty sure some good actors had their big break in a few of those movies and not to mention some of the most quotable lines from ALL TIME!

4. Music.
This can be a very broad one, but for me personally, 90's music is all about Britney Spears, Nsync, The Backstreet boys, Five and of course... The Spice Girls. Who doesn't love them? I actually saw them when I was younger, they were out here to promote their movie 'Spice World' (I know, best movie ever right?) and I lined up for ages and ages (with my Dad - well done Dad! Wouldn't have been fun for you). I saw them for about 45 seconds as they came in to say hello to everyone in the cinema, but those 45 seconds were every pre-teen girl of the 90's dream! Speaking of 90's music, a good game if you are stuck in the car - Put on the 90's playlist on spotify, block the screen so you can see the song and then see who can guess the title and artist first. Seriously, best fun!

5. Fashion.
Lets me real for a second. The fashion wasn't great. I remember we all wore tops that were 4 time bigger than our bodies, pants that were super tight and waaaay to high (ala Harry High pants), scrunchies (kinda cool now), butterfly clips (about 20 at a time), double denim, overalls (kinda want them back though), matching pants and tops and of course... Jellies. All I can say is, at least it wasn't the bloody 80's. Now those guys were embarrassing.

(What I wished I dressed like...)

(What I actually looked like...)

I feel so nostalgic now. I have been googling nineties movies, tv-shows, toys, song and it has brought back soooo many memories. There is a good Friday activity for you. Go on a google time travel and be amazed.

I hope you all have a funkalicious weekend and don't forget to give me a follow on Twitter or Instagram (coz if we were back in the 90's I'd totally follow you...).
*Insert Peace sign that The Spice Girls used to do*

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Road rage with a sleeping baby...

So here is the situation...

I have been to visit a friend, she has a baby boy, who is 3 days younger than mine and she lives literally on the opposite side of Melbourne to me. Which is fine, it gives me something to do and gets myself and Poppy out of the house. We had a really lovely time, the babies played with bits of paper and kitchen utensils. We drank coffee and swapped teething war stories. The perfect Mummy/Baby date.

So, I have strategically planned our exit from her house so that it coincides with Poppy's nap time, therefore meaning she will sleep the entire journey home and I won't have to listen to her complain about being strapped to a chair like a banshee for over an hour. Everything sounds bloody hunky dory right? Wrong...

(Sweet, content sleep versus pure rage and border line nervous breakdown... can you guess which is which?)

We get in the car, Poppy, like the well oiled sleep machine that she is, falls asleep within minutes of me taking off. Score, Mum win! This trip should be a breeze. I have relaxing music playing, it's a beautiful sunny day (I shouldn't have worn jeans...), the traffic is going at a nice pace and... oh ok, maybe don't just cut in front of my car, you know it's kind of a safety issue...but that's fine, just continue on... at 60km... pretty sure it's 80km, maybe even 100km along here on the freeway... it's fine though, maybe that's life telling me to just go with the flow...

Ok so the whole 60km thing isn't really working for me now, it's been about 10 minutes and I have given you the benefit of the doubt but you're starting to give me the shits...oh just stop, yeah stop suddenly, please, I love it when people do that. Ohhhh you're on your phone.... that's illegal AND moronic *Look back and see that Poppy sleeping soundly*. It's fine, it's fine, I'll change lanes and be on my way. This music is so relaxing.

Ok so my indicator means I want to change fucking lanes you dickface, don't be stubborn just let me in. Ohhhhh I see what you're doing. Let's all stop and rather than you letting me in, just pull up next to me so I'm stuck and I'll stare at you with my demonic red eyes until you melt or explode . These jeans are really starting to feel TIGHT. Thank you person behind Moron man, you have a kind heart and more patience that twithead, I appreciate you and all that you do.

This music is so lovely, so calming and makes me feel... if you think you can just drive into my fucking car because you're in a van and have a self proclaimed crown up your ass, you have got the wrong idea buddy. Oh it's you, twithead phone man from before. You're back are you? NO DON"T KEEP DRIVING INTO MY CAR! *Checks Poppy is still asleep* You now what I'm going to do? NOTHING. Because my child is asleep, or else I would beep the fuck out of this horn...but I can' I'm just going to bitch and moan in complete silence. You're lucky. *Deep breath* Wow these jeans really make your legs feel like they are squeezed under a steam roller!

Ok asshole gone. This is great. On to Nepean highway, it's only 3pm so the traffic should be fairly quiet... I think the speed limit here is 80km. When I say think, I mean I know it is because there are 25 signs around informing us of that. 55km is an interesting choice though. Oh hey, dude behind me, it's not my fault that I'm going this slow, it's old mate in front of me. Yeah, not my fault. I can see you yelling, but notttttt my fault. Ok, so we are now going slower. I actually WANT to get home today. Yep, NOT MY FAULT BUDDY... maybe just go around me....go around me...GO THE FUCK AROUND ME AND GET OFF MY ASS! AND YOU! YOU IN FRONT! We are going so slow I think we are going back in time! Whoever invented skinny jeans should be burnt at the stake for the pain and suffering it inflicts on it's victims. Hey Melbourne, why be arctic temperatures in the morning and by the afternoon we fall in the depths of hell and those wearing jeans want to die a quick and sudden death because their legs are being crushed to the size of a pencil. IT WAS MEANT TO BE COLD! THE SPEED LIMIT IS 80km YOU SLOW PREHISTORIC MONSTER! THIS MUSIC IS SO CALMING!

I literally didn't think you could squeeze a steering wheel so hard... I can see my hand prints in it, my knuckles are so white they actually reflect light, my hands have literally no blood flow anymore and my soul, it is slowly dying. This song is NOT quiet and calming, I chose this playlist because it is called "RELAX AND CALM", not "Wake up your child and send the Mother into a Mental asylum", *Checks Poppy, who is now so far into dreamland she is drooling, sweet, sleepy drool*. Ok, Spotify I won't write you a severely stern letter (which you won't ever read because who do you even send it to?), but don't pull that shit with me again.

Ok, so I'm on the home stretch. Back on the freeway, a good 100km an hour and I'm home. Ok, so we are stopping, stopping is not 100km. Yep, stopping... stoppppping. Why? Why? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY???? Everyone knows the rule of getting your child to sleep in the car, is that the car DOESN'T STOP OR CHILD WAKES!! So why? What is happening? Oh.. OH!!! Someone is changing a tyre... isn't that SO FUCKING INTERESTING!! Are we all happy that we stopped and moved at a snail pace to watch the poor man, do an activity that we have all witnessed and been apart of 400 THOUSAND TIMES IN OUR LIFE???? ARE WE???? Unless you are from the Planet Zorg and have never seen this mundane task happen on the side of a road, then I suggest you move your ass at the suggested speed limit, or so help me god, there will be a wrath so harsh that even cockroaches will want to eat themselves and disappear. If I don't get these jeans off in the next 4 seconds, I will amputate my own legs, I will... I actually will.

Thank you. That's not so hard is it? Ok, so nearly home, next exit, Halli-fucking-luyah...THE SPEED LIMIT IS NOT 60KM!!!! I SEE YOU! I SEE YOU SHOWING PEOPLE AROUND, POINTING YOUR STUPID ARM AT THINGS THAT AREN'T EVEN REMOTELY INTERESTING AND I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR FRIENDS WHO PROBABLY SO BORED THEIR EYELIDS HAVE SOWN THEMSELVES CLOSED TO PROTECT THE EYEBALLS FROM YOUR BORING PLACES OF INTEREST! MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE! I swear I need an asthma pump, I think my kidneys are bleeding and I need to call a priest ASAP to perform an exorcism to save my soul.

The driveway. The beautiful driveway. It's so inviting and quiet. I slowly drive in and stop the car. I turn around and see the beautiful site of Poppy waking up, out of her undisturbed slumber, where she dreamt of fairies and unicorn, while I am missing chunks of hair, my eyeballs are bleeding and my heart is now located in my left ear. But we are home... and she slept... and didn't wake up...

Mum life... at it's finest.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Friday Five - Children Songs I can't get out of my head

Happy Friday Everyone!

So, one thing I have learnt about when you become a parent, is that you will never have a commercial radio song in your head again... ever. Everyday, all day long, I have bloody songs from 'The Wiggles', 'Peppa Pig', any show off 'Disney Junior' on constant rotation through my brain, as though it is a new style of mental torture. But now I kinda like some of them... so the method works. *Clap* *Clap*

But, one thing I feel I need to do, is share the love with you. Because if I have to sing those damn songs all day, then so do you... ok?

Here we go...

Five Childrens songs I can't get out of my bloody head!

1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
(Look at his face, so smug... as though he knows that parents ALL around the world have to listen to this song at 6:40am EVERY MORNING!)

2. Peppa Pig
(Peppa Pig is "Poppys" favourite and when I say "Poppy"... I mean both of us)

3. Lachy Wiggle
(I put the whole ep in for you... yep, this really is the show...)

4. Goldie and Bear
(This has become the recent favourite, Poppy absolutely loves it and does a little dance when this show comes on... my only complaint is this, can they PLEASE get some new episodes... I watch the same ones every bloody day!)

5. Hey Dougie
(This show is weird AND adorable... But you do find yourself saying 4500 times a day..."Isn't it time for..... DOUGIE").

Plus these ones as runners up in the torture chamber that is my mind:
Sheriff Cally
Rockabye you bear
Doc McStuffins

I really and truly hope you watched these and they are embedded into your brain. Because I feel like the more people who hear them, the more people I can sing the songs with... other than my husband and 10month old baby. Please... help me...

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Book Club

So one of my New Years Resolutions, is to read more. I absolutely love reading. Always have and hopefully always will. The trouble with me, is that I go through phases where I read and read and speed through books...and then I stop for months. It might be because of time, tired levels or if I'm just not that invested in the book itself.

I have been super slack lately and the pile of books I want to read are literally growing on my bedside table. So I really, reeeeeeally want to get back into. My plan is to write about it on here and therefore I am accountable and HAVE to read. I'd love to make my own little bookclub on here, where I can read a book and let you know my thoughts and hopefully others will join in and let me know what they think. So far my club has 2 members. Me and Norman my dog, because he lies on the bed and reads with me... so he is a member by default...and not very good at expressing his opinions...I think there might be some kind of language barrier.

Currently I am reading Madeline Wests book "Six under Eight", which is basically all about her life with her 6 children (who are under 8... get it?). It's bloody funny and I think if you are a parent you would probably appreciate it more than if you don't have kids, but in saying that, I think regardless you would enjoy it. I haven't quite finished reading it yet, but when I do I'll pop my first book review up on here.

I already have the next few books lined up, plus a MASSIVE list of books I want to purchase next. So I feel like this book club could be kind of a good thing, for me because it will be good motivation, but also hopefully provide some entertainment for you and provide good recommendations, hopefully if you are into the same kind of style as me.

(These are my next 3 in line...)

This is a bit of a short post today, but I just really wanted to share one of my ideas with you and see what you think, and again to also hold myself accountable so I actually go out and do what I said I would. I need that kick up the bum sometimes!

So, that's all for now. Stay posted, get reading, stay classy and most of all... never assume a Llama and an Alpaca are the same thing, that's rude and they both spit!